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Foria Product Review

Date: 2/17/2018 
Product: Foria Awaken 
URL / Website
City: Houston 
State: Texas 
Address: Your Home/Hotel/Other Venue
Activities: Liberal use of product during bbbj, cfs, Greek, fiv, hj 
Time Length: 2+ Hours 
Fee: $48 + free shipping for 30ml of product
Physical Description: Foria Awaken comes in a smallish, plain, glass, white bottle and equally simple yet attractive packaging. A small spray top comes with it so you can attach it and spray it on rather than pour it out. (See photos and site link.)
Recommendation: Yes

ROS: I’d recently come across Foria Awaken during one of my many sexy web searches. At first, I was skeptical and also probably a little scared.

Foria Awaken brand lube is formulated with hemp, cacao, and other CBD’s which bond with the brain’s receptors in similar ways to its counterpart, but is completely legal in all states in the US. It’s claims purport increased relaxation, stimulation and general euphoria during use. There are many user reviews on its site as well, singing its praises.

You can also read in depth education and explanations about it on their site.

I have never been one who enjoyed the use of such “aids” during any sort of sexy play, and I also have always felt they were a bit of gimmick, but I decided, what could it hurt, and decided to try it out on myself and a partner.


I ordered it through their website. They have card and Paypal options for payment. It is $48 for a small, 30ml bottle, but shipping is free. It took exactly one week from the date of order to my receiving it. (A Friday to a Friday.) I found their customer service to be generally good as well.


I received my Foria Awaken with much anticipation. I was excited to give it a go! We waited until the following evening for our experiments. I had us “set the mood” for it. We both took hot showers first, to relax. (I’d really wanted to start with a hot bath, but didn’t have enough time. I will likely do this on a subsequent use of it.) I lit candles and incense in the bedroom. We’d both had a bit of red wine as well.

We started by both laying on the bed and just doing some deep breathing to relax, and caressing one another softly. We spent a few minutes doing this, to start the relaxation/arousal process. After a few minutes, and already feeling more into the mood, I had him spray several squirts (about 5-7) all around my clit and entire vagina. He gently used a single finger, covered in it, inside my vagina as well. We both rubbed my pussy like this for about 5-10 minutes.


One of the first things I noticed almost immediately, was a soft tingling sensation. This was also sort of “hot”. It was in no way unpleasant, but my entire pussy did feel warmer and more aroused. Like more blood was being pushed there, and also just an over all tingling sensation. It was pleasant.

We also noticed at this point, that this lube smells very nice. Like a soft blend of mint, citrus, and chocolate, but not sweet at all or overpowering.

We moved on to a hj on him. I squirted about 5-7 squirts all over his cock and scrotum .I massaged it in well. I began the hj on him. After a few minutes of this, he reported the same warm and tingling sensations. He said it was definitely pleasant and he enjoyed it.

I then moved onto oral exploration on him. It was then I found out that it tastes similar to how it smells; citrus/mint/chocolate. It was good, though not sweet at all. I personally liked that a lot better bc I don’t like overly sweet things, and it was nice that it had at least some taste versus no taste at all or a chemical taste.

At this stage we both discussed that we were just feeling very “relaxed”. I wouldn’t say fully “euphoric” but there was definitely a discernible difference for me just feeling very “chilled”. He said he felt the same. It was very pleasant.

After a few moments of bbbj, we were both feeling very aroused and I was ready to get fucked. We applied more of the Foria to us both (me all over my pussy, him all over his cock) and dove in.


At this point, things really began to happen for me. At this stage, I would say the Foria had been on us both for at least 15-20 minutes, maybe a bit longer. I figured there had to be some delay to feeling the effects, as it makes its way through your blood stream, to your brain, so I had wanted to delay intercourse for as long as possible.


Maybe 5 or 10 mins into the intercourse and I was really feeling it. It is difficult to describe this phase, especially if you don’t have a vagina (lols), but in general, I could definitely tell a difference. It was like I was being shot into pleasure space. I lost all track of time and was being carried away on undulating waves of pleasure. It was awesome and I did not want it to stop. I don’t know how many times I reached climax, but I would say at least 4-6 times most likely.

I was not ready for this to end yet, but we had science to think! Lols. It was time to move onto the last and final experiment, Greek on me.


We made sure my area was liberally slathered in the stuff; both externally and internally, much the same say as we had prepped my pussy. He then did something to me he had never done before. He spent at least 5-10 minutes softly caressing and massaging my actual hole and the whole area around it. Holy. Fucking. Shit. This was amayzing.I was feeling so relaxed, stimulated, aroused, etc etc. I let myself go completely and was swept away by the pleasure wave. I didn’t really even know anymore what was actually happening.

Eventually he was ready to enter and he did. This is usually an activity I have to work myself up to and sort of prep for. This time this was so not so! I could definitely tell a marked difference in my ability to receive and things were just overall more “relaxed” and comfortable. It was great!!

I am not sure how much longer this continued for, only that I climaxed at least another 2-3 times, which were all ethereal and heavenly.


Total time spent playing was at least 2 hours, perhaps a bit longer. We purposely did not clean the lube off ourselves afterwards, but rather massaged it in to our skin liberally.

We both passed out quickly after that, and I know for myself, I enjoyed a comfortable sleep that night.


The next day we reflected and both agreed that it definitely heightened things in different ways for us both. We will definitely be using this product again and felt like it was totally worth it!!

After having tested this product out, I am excited to now offer it during my sessions. (Check out my sessions page for further details on rates.)

Also, if anyone would be interested in me trying out any other products and reviewing, feel free to pm me and send them to me! I will happily be y’alls product guinea pig. 

I hope you enjoyed my reading my review as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I look forward to taking some of you on the Foria train very soon!


Post Review Update 2/28/2018

I have now been informed that Foria have changed their product offerings and Foria Awaken is no longer available.

It looks like they are changing to "Foria Centered" but it has not yet launched. It is looking to be pretty much identical to the Foria Awaken formulation.

I have signed up on the email list to get notified when it does and it says they will send you a discount code for the first order.I will definitely order the new one when it comes out and update here with my experience with that as well.

I still have about 95% of my current bottle of Foria Awaken left, which I am still offering in sesh, and will also continue to do this with the Foria Centered, once that runs out.


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