Victoria of Houston


  Houston Based Gothic FBSM Provider

Understanding Things From the Provider’s Side & A Few Tips

I am a member of hobby boards, I read a lot of discussions and rants/opinions by the guys. I know it can be frustrating for those who are seeking a genuine encounter. I guess sometimes for them it can be like trying to finding a needle in a hay stack.

But I also read a lot of, what I consider, extremely short sighted, unfair and bordering on mysogynistic opinions. I feel that sometimes a lot of men view us as commodities, robots or toys to be taken out and played with when they are in the mood, and then discarded.

The truth is, we are human beings, just like you. We have lives, families, commitments, people counting on us. We also have feelings, bad days, good days, and not to mention, we are women.

Most genuine providers I know of, do genuinely care about providing a quality session. We take our work seriously and do our best to make your time with us fun, exciting, enjoyable and a lovely and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy it in.

Those of us who are genuine massage providers (like myself) have also most likely been to some sort of course to gain massage skills/qualifications and have several years experience providing massage.

In order to be an independent provider with a private in-call, a lot of things go into making it happen:

  • Our in-call (an apartment or other such space) - To provide this we are paying rent, and utilities and also taking a risk at all times that the wrong person might notice something. That is our name on the lease therefore our lives we are putting at risk.
  • Session Supplies - this can vary for gfe providers I am sure, but as a masseuse I provide a professional table (these run upward of $150), linens, oils, cleaning and laundry supplies, candles, music (ipod/ipod player), shower and bathroom supplies, towel warmer and bottled waters (most of these are recurring costs). I also do laundry and clean my massage room and bathroom myself (or some pay a cleaner to do so).
  • Websites, Ads & Promotions - most ladies are paying someone to design a site for them, or at the least, pay for a domain name and monthly hosting. We also take the time to create professional sounding ads, and post them regularly, some sites also charge you to place ads. We also have to provide quality photos. That means either getting a friend to do it for you, or paying a photographer (which is what usually happens). We are then in charge of promoting ourselves, getting involved on sites, discussion boards, etc. This is akin to the type of marketing companies pay people to do for them, yet we do it on our own time and dime.
  • Phone - We buy a phone just for providing as well as pay for the service.
  • Ourselves - and after all that, we still have to maintain ourselves, our health, our physical appearance. Whether it be regular visits to the hair dresser, getting our nails done, touching up dyed hair, eyebrows plucked, shaving/waxing, etc. Most ladies I know also spend regularly on make-up, clothing and lingerie, and gym memberships.
  • Time is money - not to sound crass, but our time is our money maker. If you book a session and don't show up, or cancel at the last minute, many providers could have filled that time slot with another booking, or, like myself, are very low volume and so took the time and effort to make time for your particular session. Contrary to what many seem to believe, we do not sit around all day waiting for you and can be available at the drop of a hat.

This is not to say we are complaining, hell, if we didn't want to provide we wouldn't. I know a lot of genuine gents out there can sometimes go through hell trying to find a good provider as well, but this is just to point out, that when we receive rude or inconsiderate messages, or messages in which you can tell the gent hasn't bothered to take two seconds to read your site/ad, get no showed, cancelled on, treated rudely or like a piece of meat, then yes, it does make us testy.

A few tips to genuine gents looking for good sessions;

  • Do your research - make sure you take the time to read her site/ad before contacting her. Make sure to use the contact methods she has listed and contact her within her available hours. If you spend a little time researching a lady, this can also cut down your chances of being severely disappointed. Look at any reviews she has posted. This can be a great insight to her and her sessions. Most gents are very forthcoming in their reviews, so it should give you a great idea of what it is she provides.
  • Do not ask her for things she has not listed - guess what? When we list a service on our site/ad this is because, *gasp*, it is what we provide! We are not secretly offering other services to other men, or will change our minds just for you because you asked nicely. This is the easiest way to annoy a provider right off the bat.
  • Be polite - this encompasses many things from behavior to hygiene. Turn up on time, treat her with respect, smell nicely, and guess what? You will probably have a really great session. Most ladies respond much better to gents who mind their manners.
  • Be ready with screening info. Most reputable providers (including myself), require screening information from you before they will confirm a session. Find out what it is she needs and provide it to her in a timely fashion. 

To have a truly enjoyable session, both parties involved are responsible for making this happen. We have done our parts in providing and creating an enjoyable experience for you, you do your part by turning up and enjoying that in a respectful way, and everyone will leave happy.