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New In-Call & Wish List!!!!

GUYS! I (We) did it!!!!


I got the new in-call space and will be paying the move in costs tomorrow!! 


I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that contrinbuted and helped to make this a possibility. You guys rock. This is one big reason I love the hobby. We ARE a community of awesome people. :-)


Now that I have it secured, I obviously need to maintain a certain level of clietele to keep that place up and running. Of that, I have no do doubt, I will manage, but continued support means I can continue to provide some awesome sensual relaxation to YOU!

Something else I am HUGELY excited about this space, is the SHOWER!!!!! I initially remarked how I would love to find a bigger shower at the space and somehow I managed that!!! Wait until you see the massavie walk in there (pic below.) I am freaking excited about this, I can't wait to have all kinds of fun in there (including the shower stool!!!)

Lastly, my move in funds may be squared away, but I also still need to furnish the place, so I can truly create an awesome little relaxation oasis. Anyone interested in helping me do this, may send any donations my way via Pay Pal OR check out my Amazon Wish List HERE!

My Pay Pal email is To discuss sending gifts from the wish list, please feel free to email at same.


                                                                                                                                         NEW SHOWER!!!!



Adventures in Provider Land #3 - The Couple

The Couple

Today was quite a unique and extremely pleasurable adventure, yes indeedy.

I've had couple's sessions before; I've also had numerous threesomes in my rw life with a man and woman, as well as singular experiences with women (I've had 2 actual girlfriends in my life.) So, it was by no means my first, however, as I've only recently come back to providing, and (full disclosure here) it's been quite some time for me to have any experience with another woman, I was quite excited indeed. As I said to them both, I feel like I won the lottery of sessions. :-)

I was actually really nervous, lol. This is not your typical session, so I guess there was that element of it. As well as mentioned, I haven't done one in a while. I was more nervous of the lady's impressions of me than his, ha. I guess with women, I always feel there is more to impress, because we can be such critical and hard to please creatures, lol. Also women tend to have greater attention to detail. I can't tell you how many times a gent has "misquoted" things like what I wore during a session or how many tattoo's I have, in a review. It's because men see boobies, and the tunnel vision starts, and all logic goes out the window. Meanwhile we (women) can tell you everything, exactly down to what shade of lipstick she was wearing.

So, needless to say, I was nervous and really wanted to make sure I provided them with everything they were hoping and looking for. We traded a few messages back and forth prior to, but there is still always that first moment of when someone new walks into your in-call. :-)

Luckily for me, they were a lovely couple and lovely people to spend time with. More than I could ask for, actually.

At the end, I even got to indulge as they were happy to turn their attention to me. I have to say....having 2 people massage you at once, is quite an experience indeed. I've given lots of 4 hands sessions in the past; I have never experienced one on myself. Hands everywhere, you don't know whose hands are doing what to, sublime. Now I know why clients are happy to compensate the premium for such a session.  It was even actually a brand new experience for me full stop (session wise and real life wise.) So, to say I am a happy bunny right now is an understatement.

Honestly, I can't imagine a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. These are the moments that really make you happy to be a provider. ;-)

Work in Progress - Bear with Me

So, lots of changes coming my (your way) in Victoria land.


The first and most imminent is my website. This has been in the works for quite a while and is still not completely finished, but should be soon. The reason for that is because my web guy has graciously built my site pro-bono. It should be all sorted out very soon though! Super excited. (Ladies, if any of you would like his info to help with your site, please feel free to get in touch with me!

For those you hadn't noticed yet, I also recently restructured my sessions. I no longer offer b2b. I consolidated everything so that all sessions now include a shower and the chance for mutual massage if desired. Rates are the same! Nothing has gone up, per se, my sessions have just been consolidated to make things less confusing and I feel, more pleasurable for YOU! :-)

I have also code named them, so if you are looking to book, check out my Eccie showcase or soon my site, for the new and improved offerings.

The next big change coming is my new in-call!!! As most probably know from this post (which still applies!), I will be moving to my very own in-call by the beginning of July!!! It's stressful since I haven't found a space yet, but I am also excited, knowing that it will come together one way or another and this WILL be happening, soon! I will stay within the inner loop, so stay tuned as I hope to offer an even nicer and more intimate setting for my massage experience with the move!!

The next new thing after that, will be new photos. Once I have the space sorted out, I plan on getting new pics done. That way, I will have both the place to do it in as well as the cash (good photos aren't cheap!). If anyone wanted to purchase me a photo shoot as well, I certainly wouldn't say no to that either! I found this cool studio that does "burlesque" theme shoots, and was considering them. The Boudoir Beauty. Either way, keep a look out for new photos within the next 2 months or so.


So, as said, lots of new things and changes coming soon. I am excited. Anyone who knows me, will know that I am the type of person to continually work to better and improve myself and everything I do. The same goes for my provider life. I believe it is one of our "jobs" in life to continuously strive to be the very best versions of ourselves. I apply this dedication and aspiration towards excellence in everything I do. And I certainly want to be able to offer only the creme de la creme session for all of YOU. I believe that encompasses everything from myself, to my actual service to my in-call.

I have recently hit some big milestones in my personal life, which is very exciting and encouraging. I still have more work to do, but hey, that's all part of the journey.


So, onwards and upwards I say, and on to even better things! :-)


Holy Smokes

My work linens must have some sort of red target above them; red being the operative word. Y'all won't believe what just happened today. My current in-call doesn't have laundry on site, so I drag work linens back and forth from the space, a few times every week. (This is also one on my many complaints about my current in-call situation. If you'd like to hear more about it, or help me out, read my post here.)

So, anywhos. I finished up some laundry earlier today, put it all in the laundry bag, and left it in my car as I am going to the in-call tomorrow for a session. (I always do this, no reason to bring it into my personal place.) About an hour or so later, I'm standing outside in the courtyard of my apartments, smoking, talking to my neighbors (this is our normal ritual.) The courtyard faces the parking. I was done and about to head inside, and happened to glance at my car and noticed it looked all smokey inside. I couldn't tell if it was just the glare of the windows, so I walk up to it and sure enough, it is FILLED with thick, white smoke. My 2 neighbors noticed as well and were of course, like, holy shit, something's smoking in your car!

I run lickety split to my apartment, grab my keys and unlock. We open the doors and the laundry bag is smoldering. One of my neighbors (bless him) pulled it out in a second. We got the burning put out. The laundry bag itself, a bra, a sheet and about 2-3 towels were toast, which is actually, quite lucky, as a greater number of linens were fine than were burned.

However, what took the real brunt of the damage, is my poor, poor car. Check this shit out.



Holy christ. Its bad, but honestly, I am just so happy nothing even worse happened and I caught it when I did. All I can think is that something in the drier made them ignite and it sat there smoldering for an hour or so. Or maybe the oil was somehow responsible? Who knows.


First the candle/shower burning towel incident, now this. Please universe, that's enough. I don't need any more fire experiences with work linens, especially where my car is concerned!

"You Money Hungry Whore, You." Why Some Men in the Hobby Are Such Assholes

The hobby life is filled with all kinds of situations; and it can be difficult to navigate or know how to respond to, or handle, most of them, because it's not like these are the "normal" types of situations your formative years prepare you for.

Go to school, get a job, form relationships, stay healthy, etc etc etc. Most of us know and understand how to operate within the societies we are a part of, or at the least, what types of behaviors are acceptable and what is expected of us. We can navigate situations easier and when we have problems we are unsure of how to handle, we can rely on friends and family for advice and support.

Not so, in the hobby. Most of us must hide this part of our life, so when we are faced with unprecedented situations, we must figure out how best to navigate them on our own.

One of the biggest situations one comes across, are large numbers of men who behave downright criminal. Spewing hatred and vitriol every chance they get, even becoming threatening. Two of my personal favorite insults I have heard (many times over the years) are men calling us "whores" or "money hungry".

These both tend to make me laugh roundly. Why, you ask? To call me (or any provider) a whore, is just too funny. Do they really think that shaming us is going to work? Really? We are obviously ok with what we do, or we wouldn't do it in the first place. It's like saying to a man, "Well, you're just a big, fat, MAN." It's like, "Yes I am, actually; thank you for stating the obvious."

I often joke, even with rw friends, that I am a total "perv", "whore", "slut" and that there is nothing wrong it. I love sex; sex is natural; ergo I am a lover and practitioner of all that is healthy and natural in life. So, calling a working lady a "whore" is just soooo ludicrous to me. Please. Come up with a more creative and original insult and then maybe I can actually pretend to be slightly offended at some point.

The second one that gets me laughing is when they call us "money hungry". Firstly, every provider out there is 100% honest and upfront that in order to spend time with her, compensation must be given. There is absolutely no subterfuge about this matter. Secondly, we are being compensated for our time; anything else that may or may not happen during that time is due to the express mutual desire and agreement between two consenting adults of sound mind; nobody is being forced or tricked into giving up anything they don't want to. Thirdly, isn't every single grown adult in the western world out there trying to make as much money as humanely possible during the short time they have on this earth? The chase of wealth, luxury and a supreme lifestyle is pretty much the "American Dream" and one we all spend our time pursuing. So again, the "insult" is invalid and merely stating a fact. We are all "money hungry".


I have several theories on why so many man are so full of darkness in this hobby.

The first, is that even though they partake of it themselves, they still feel guilty about it. This could be because they are in sexless marriages/relationships and are stepping outside to get something they so desperately need, but still feel bad about it; or because they are still ingrained with antiquated social/religious beliefs about sex in general. However, they have needs, which by the way are perfectly normal and natural, and so they engage, but the cycle of shame and guilt is ever present; but rather than focus inwards on themselves and working out their own issues, they choose to project and spew it out onto us, the providers, and often times other hobbyists as well. It's a classic case of projection, which is actually one of the defense mechanisms Freud classified. (Check out Freudian Defense Mechanisms here.) (Btw, I am not an expert but actually did take a few psych classes in uni. I once had dreams of becoming a criminal psychologist; there's a little tidbit of background info about yours truly. ;-) )

Another theory is that they are just straight up narcissists or psychopaths. These are some of the most dangerous types of people out there. Most of them know how to keep the veil up and fool most people around them, and on the outside, lead totally "normal" looking lives. But in something like the hobby, they are able to let the mask slip and come out in full form, because they feel the consequences of such actions hold little to no risk for them. It's not like they are letting their rw "friends" or colleagues see this truly evil side of them. Both narcissism and psychopathy are genuine personality disorders defined in the DSM (You can read more about narcissists/psychopaths here. Again, I have rw experience with this, because, lucky me! I dated one.)

The last theory, as previously touched upon, is that we are all just in this pretty weird little "community" where the standard mores of behavior can become fuzzy. I think it is pretty easy for the male ego to go a little bonkers at time, in such an atmosphere, especially when, again as previously touched upon, the repercussions for "bad behavior" are perceived as being minimal to none. Their rw people don't see this side of them, so they will never get truly "in trouble" for spouting off some hateful bullshit on a screen to a person they will never even meet in real life under an assumed name.

I remember when I was providing in London, it quickly became apparent to me that any American men I would see, who were just travelling through (for business usually) were the worst sorts of clients. Just pulling all kinds of shenanigans like trying to pressure me into fucking them, grabbing me in ways that were hurtful or disrespectful, etc etc. Yet, meanwhile, all the American gents I would see in the states, were fine (most of the time, that is, lols.) I finally realized it was because they were all on "holiday". In a foreign country, far away from any of their rw stuff. So, it was like "the rules" didn't apply to them and they thought they could get away with any kind of behavior, because what was some random provider bitch in London going to do about it?


My advice to any lady or gent coming up against any of these sorts of people is to do what I do; laugh it off or just plain ignore it. They don't know you. They're not paying you or paying your bills. They probably lead sad and frustrating lives, or are straight up whacked in the head. It's easy to take the bait when someone comes after you personally, but ignoring people like that is actually the best revenge of all. They are often looking for a reaction, and so displaying one just feeds into their twisted, little minds. Remember, a reaction is the proof that someone was able to manipulate your emotions.

Adventures in Provider Land Nos. 1 & 2 - My Sexy Fireman & The Time I Almost Gave Someone a Heart Attack

Not only do I love my job and genuinely enjoy it, but it also offers lots of moments that are either humorous, or just downright salacious. I decided to start blogging about my favorites, for your enjoyment as well (I hope). Lols.

Let me preface this by saying that anything I post about specific sessions, I have been granted permission to do so by the clients who were involved beforehand.

I'm a lady, discretion is my number one priority in this job. :-)

Now, on to the fun.....


Numero Uno: Had the fortunate experience of meeting quite a fetching young fellow, quite recently. Talk about yum. Had a hard time keeping it together and not doing something so terribly naughty with him, that I shouldn't. Mmm....oh sorry, was getting distracted, ha.

So, not only did I have the lovely pleasure of getting to work on this fine, young sir, but at the end of the session, we hop in the shower together. I had thrown my towel down on the sink, as I usually do. About 3-4 minutes into the shower, as I stand there, lathering him up, I smell, what to me, smelled like roasting marshmallows. I wondered if one of the little tea lights had burned out (as they do at the end). I keep lathering......stronger roasting marshmallow smell. I finally say, "Does something smell like it's burning?" He opens the shower curtain to peek out and lo and behold, the entire towel is completely ablaze. I mean like, big time. I had thrown it down on top of a candle, doh!

I was honestly freaked the fuck out, but somehow stayed totally calm. I said something like, "Throw it in the sink," but really before I could even get the full sentence out, this fine, young gent sprung into action. He jumped out and had it in the sink with water running on it,  in what seemed like a mere moment.

I am not so feminist to admit that sometimes having a man save the day is quite the delight, indeed. Especially a man like him...I swear I had visions of my sexy fireman fantasy flash through my head (yet to be unfulfilled.) We had a good laugh about it and finished our session in one piece, ha. Now, maybe I can get him to actually fulfill that fantasy for me at some point....


Numero Dos: Had the pleasure of visiting with another jovial gent recently as well. Lovely conversationalist and a great sense of humor.

We had a great session with lots of talk and banter back and forth. Conversation turned to some of both of our favorite or most funny hobby experiences.

I relayed to him, an experience I once had, fearing I had almost killed a poor bloke. At the end of that particular session (this was years ago, mind you), his entire chest and face turned beet red and he began, basically, hyperventilating. I literally thought the guy was dying, having a heart attack, or something. All sorts of thoughts flashed through my head, like wtf do I do? How do I explain this to the paramedics? What if he's married? Oh fuck! Thankfully, he wasn't dying and was ok in the end after he caught his breath, lols.

So, this was the story I told my jovial gent, throughout our conversation. So, we get to the end, finito, presto, bam, boom, done. He takes that obligatory deep breath that everyone seems to after a certain experience, and before he lets it out, grips his chest and acts as if he's having a heart attack.

It was so animated and dramatic, and came out out of nowhere, for half a second I thought it was real and flipped out. Then, he starts laughing. Omg, I lost my shit. Couldn't hold it in. Honestly, I love it when gents make me laugh during a session, especially at the end. It's just such a funny moment to have a laugh, which somehow makes it even funnier, ha.

Freaky Experience Today, Ugh

When clients are fucking dicks.

Yes, I said it. Nothing is worse than a creep, freak, or weirdo.

What makes someone this? All sorts of behavior can. Acting like a socially retarded dip shit, is one way. Being aggressive or just downright skeezy, is another.

I'm a woman and a lady. I deserve to be treated as such. Just as I will respect you and make sure your time is enjoyable and awesome, you better give me the same courtesy.

I really don't need to assert that, because most of the gents I see are fucking awesome. Total gentlemen and people I have fun with.

Even with all the screening in place, they somehow still slip through! I am banging my head against the wall, wondering how?

Suffice it to say I had a very unnerving experience today.

In the end, I am safe and sound, but ugh, I say!

Thankfully, I got to finish out my work day with a lovely gent, who put me at ease and reminded me why I love doing this.