Victoria of Houston


  Houston Based Gothic FBSM Provider

The Dust Has Settled


I got all my furniture, etc, moved into the new place last weekend, but then spent pretty much all of last week still unpacking, etc. I was also working the whole time. It's hard to work and move at the same time!

I am definitely feeling in need of some serious vacay time pretty soon here. I may take a few days off next month (hopefully).


The place is great though. Very comfy, nice, etc. Everyone seems to be loving it so far, and I love my new massage room. Alas, the shower is not as grand as the last place, but I don't think any shower ever will be again, lol. 

All in all, I think things will start to settle into a nice routine, all too soon and I will be happier and better off than I was at the last place. 

I also wanted to say a big thanks to all my lovely clients who, in their own ways, have supported me during this upheaval. This is also one reason I love the hobby; you really do get to meet all sorts of awesome and lovely people!

Hope you're all having a great Monday. :-)




Adventures in Provider Land #6 - The Sir

Ah, such a week.

I don't really know if I should technically call this a "provider adventure", because it is really more of a thing I've been getting up to in my rw life. Ah, my rw seems that it is certainly beginning to meld with my provider life, in oh so many kinky and debaucherous ways .

Like this newest development. I've recently taken on a sir, someone I can play kinkily with when the mood strikes, which seems to be more oft as of late. Well, I guess it isn't exactly accurate to say I decide, as he does deicde a lot, how and when things happen between us; of which control I am quite happy to grant him. 

My sir likes to give me homework assignments when we're not together. He usually makes me complete them before he will engage with me again. So far, I think it's fair to say I've done pretty well in completing them all. 


This week I had a few different things I was to do for him. My favorite was a little something I will call, "Being a kinky slut in public and getting away with it." My sir made me take naughty photos of myself in public spaces, then send them to him. He left the specifics up to me, so in moments like this, you're creative (slutty) problem solving skills really get a chance to shine. 

The other day I decided to go sans panties whilst wearing a skirt, when I had some errands to run. I got a couple of up skirt shots for him while out in public. The next part was more daring. I snapped a shot of me topless while changing into work out clothes in my car; then whilst working out on a popular Houston area trail, I quickly stole away to one side and got a full on tit shot for him. It was the middle of the day and I was not hidden at all. Not even 2 seconds after I had covered up again, someone passed by.

It was definitely a fun assignment and got my heart racing a bit. Let's see what else my sir has in store for me in the future. :-)

Post Crisis Update & New In-call

I haven't been super vocal/public about this, so it may have gone largely unnoticed. 

About 2 weeks ago, on June 21, I was met with a very sudden and unexpcted crisis; I was no longer able to use the new in-call I had secured only 2 weeks prior. I will not go into full detail, but the long and short of it is that the person I was renting from was dishonest about things and while I was assured I would be able to work from there, the opposite was true, and so I was booted out without any sort of notice. Thankfully, I was able to extricate myself from that situation with minimal damage, minus a huge financial loss (I spent about $2k moving into that place and getting it set up to host sessions there, no exaggeration.)

A provider friend recently said, "As providers, we live life on the edge of a blade at all times." I guess this is true in a sense. Firstly, you're self employed, so you accept all the uncertaines that come with that, in terms of no assurance of income, no insurance provided, no paid days off, etc etc. Basically, you never really do know just how it will all play out and you certainly cannot take things for granted due to such, (for example, things like big expenditures can cause anxiety becauase you never really know just when you will make that money back.)

The other side of this, is obviously the in-call situation. I've provided in pretty much every type of sitiuation out there; private apartment that I lived and worked in; shared "work only" apartment with other ladies; private "work only" space; public spaces like "brothels" and "studios"; and hotel/notel rooms. I feel like each situation carries its own risks, all in different ways. Something I personally feel though, is that any sort of "public" space, is the riskiest of all. Things like hotel/notel rooms, or shared or private "work only" apartments. I've definitely experienced some pretty sketchy/scary moments in public type settings, more than I ever have in private settings. 

That is also why I feel a bit dumb for renting that space to begin with. I feel like I should have known better in the first place. But it all seemed like it would work out well, so I went for it. I guess we truly never stop living and learning. 

So yes, it is true in a sense that it feels very risky/weird and unsettled at times, trying to provide a nice service with a nice private in-call. It is why I get angry sometimes when hobbyists complain about rates. If the lady is a good provider, discreet and professional, providing a nice service, in a clean and secure in-call, some gents just seem like they really do not understand how valuable that is as well as how much goes into making something like that happen for them. 

Anywhos, I digress. Needless to say, after I was booted out most unmercifully, I was in a state of utter stress and dismay. No place to work from, not much moolah saved up on account of the aforementioned $2k move in, and no idea what I was going to do. 

But alas, I am nothing if not a fighter and survivor in this world, not to mention one tenacious little Capricorn. I worked my ass off, reached out to close friends and acquaintances, called in a few favors, and presto, 2 weeks later, I have a new place. It is private and much more secure than my former situation, and still right in the area I wanted. I feel very fortunate indeed. 


That makes it all sound so easy. It was not, in the least, by any means. I have basically spent the last 2 weeks of my life in utter stress and anxiety over all this, as I felt, my entire life/work/money situation hung in the most uncertain balance. I am lucky I have so many awesome people around me, who care enough and are also both willing and able to help. Those who helped, you know who you are. I can only say thank you and that I am eternally grateful, from the bottom of my heart. But, I also feel as I always have in this life; if you're a good person and treat people right, you will only reap the same back into your own life. 

So, that is my most recent update. This has temporarily set me back in a few ways, but I honestly feel that now, I am actually in a much better situation overall, than I was before. I am not happy it all had to happen this way, but I do truly believe that sometimes life forces your hand, and the reason for such is that it is setting you on the right path. 

New place is in Montrose as well, it is beautiful and cozy. :-) I am back at it as per my usual availability, as of Tuesday this week. 


Hope everyone has a lovely 4th weekend. :-)