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Adventures in Provider Land # 8 - He Took Me Hobbying With Him; Updates & News

Ah......such a week.

It just so happens, that one of my lovers tends to work out of town on a fairly regular basis. A month or so ago, a little plan began concocting in my little head. I was thinking about how it could possibly be nice to go visit him at some point, and spend the week fucking our brains out. (Around his work schedule, of course.) Due to this fact that he is out of town regularly and other, inevitable life things, we don't get to see each other very often on a regular basis. Usually just once a week; twice, if we're really lucky. 

So, the idea of getting to spend the better part of a full week with him, is, of course, highly desirable. However, I wasn't entirely sure if it was something he would go for, or even would be in a position to go for. Still, I thought, I would pose it to him and see what he thought. 

He gladly accepted my idea, and plans were made for this week. 


I could go into some serious detail about the events of this past week, but, for the sake of propriety, as well as protecting both of our privacy, I won't, lols. Suffice it to say, it was easily, hands down, no question, no contest, one of the best sex weeks I've ever had. This type of sex is so good, it should be illegal. He jested one night that we easily had the best sex out of anyone within a 100 mile radius, if not the entire state. I tend to agree with that. Ha. 

One thing I will go into, however, with giddy detail, is my newest hobby experience. 

Of course, with both of us being active in the hobby, as well as totally open perverts, our thoughts turned to what kind of additional fun we could have this week. Discussion naturally and quickly led to a threesome; but with the lack of a trusted and willing female compatriot at hand, how could we make such a thing happen this week? Enter, the hobby. 

Not to toot my own horn, but a threesome isn't exactly new territory for me. In fact, it's starting to become old hat, in a way. Not that I haven't enjoyed every such experience I've had, and I am sure, will continue to have at any point in the future (hopefully!); but I've done them enough, by now, to not feel taken aback or lost at sea. However, I always say that every experience is a new opportunity for something potentially awesome and fun to happen, as well as being new in the sense that it was our (his & mine) first time to do this together. 

He also let me be the one to choose her. Of course, he wanted to make sure I was genuinely attracted to/into the lady as well as himself. It was also a different and interesting experience to go through; sifting through the ads and sites and photos; reading what they each had to say about themselves and their reviews. What is the opposite of emasculating? Because that is what I felt a bit, in that moment. Like a man, choosing my provider, lols. It was fun and a bit exhilarating. I settled on a few choices and shared them with him. He agreed with all of my choices (a little surprising, but maybe not really); he attempted to contact a few ladies, but nothing panned out at first. Eventually, one responded. 

More plans were made, and my excitement was growing. Not only was I excited to do a threesome with him, in general, but getting to hobby with him, as well as be on the hobbyist side of things (again) was thrilling, in oh such a way. I do relish experiences that actually get me this excited. Being as sexually experienced as I am (yes, I realize that sounds horribly egotistical, ha), I sometimes worry that I am losing some of my zest for sex, or that rather, things can no longer excite as they once did. 

However, this was a brand new experience for me; yes, something I have never done before (hobbying with a gent in such a fashion). And to further my excitement over such a novelty, the lady who joined us ended up being significantly older than me (10+ years), and I have never been with a lady that much older than me. So, two brand new experiences, in one. 

I decided and he agreed that we could pretend to be a legitimate couple and make no mention of me being a provider. Given the fact that we were out of town, I thought there would be minimal chance she would recognize me, and I also thought it would be more fun to do it this way. :-) I wasn't wrong. (Though, I did use my real name with her, and at one point during the sesh she used it, and I swear I almost fainted. It was so disarming to hear my real name during a hobby moment!)

As the time drew closer, and we both prepared ourselves, I was actually nervous. As said, this rarely happens anymore, so I was actually glad of this. She arrived and I was sufficiently pleased with her appearance.

We sat and traded the obligatory pleasantries for a short time, sipping on some drinks. After a few moments of chatting, she asked very tactfully (yes, this lady was a pro and knew well what she was doing) if there were any "off limits" she should know about. I assured her that nothing she could do to/with him would offend me, and that she should just relax and let things flow as they would, as that is what we wanted most. 

After that I asked if I could start to kiss her, to which she agreed with a smile. I leaned in to kiss her, and things kicked off. 


The experience, as far as the amount of pleasure I experienced and things that happened, was by no means, one of the wildest for me. However, simply being in that situation, a threesome; hobbying with him; being with him; watching them together; getting to have some lady time; all of those things are extremely pleasurable and enjoyable on so many different levels for me. Especially watching them together. Watching a man I find incredibly sexy and that I get to have sex with, fucking someone else.....for me, there are few things quite like that. It's like some kind of crazy, awesome, insane live porn that is crafted just for me. My own little slice of perversion served up hot and ready for me. I so get off on watching my partner with someone else, and he did not disappoint me in this. 

Further to that, afterwards, he told me plenty of times how enjoyable it was for him to watch me with her. It makes me very happy if I can please my partner, in any way, so I am very glad of this. I did also get to satisfy my lady craving, at least some, which is far rarer for me, so I will not lie and say that it wasn't pretty awesome. 

All in all, a fully enjoyable and awesome experience, that is definitely at the top of my "Some of the best sexual experiences I've ever had" list. 


*Happy Sigh*


I am now back in town, and plenty worn out (heh), so will be spending the weekend recovering and resting up. 


Moving on, I also have some pretty cool updates in Victoria land to share. 

The first and foremost, is that I can finally unveil that I have my new pics!!!!!! Check out my gallery on my personal site, which can be found here, and they are also updated on Eccie, P411 and Twitter.

Here's a little sneak peak....






And lastly, this last little bit is really more of a personal thing, that makes me happy, but I do love to share such things, even in "provider land". I got a new tat while I was out of town!!!!! It is something I have been wanting for a while now; a friend drew it for me. It is supposed to be a Phoenix bird. Check it out!






This was one of the best and funnest weeks I've had in a while. I didn't get to take a real vacay this summer, due to my move drama, so it was nice to get at least some time away. And, as I said at the beginning, the events of this week will certainly continue to live on and thrive in my fantastical, perverted imagination for quite some time, indeed. 



The Root of All Evil

This is something a lot (if not all) providers decidedly do not talk about publicly. 

I think it is because of a few reasons; 1. They don't want to admit that they do it for the money, or that at least one part of why they do it, is for such. 2. They don't want to talk about such private matters, openly (fair enough; it's no one's business how much I make.) 3. It can be seen as tactless. 

However, being a person who is so inclined to total honesty and transparency, I have no problem admitting that I, in fact, love money. Doesn't everyone? One of my main goals in life is to amass as much as humanly possible. I want lots of money; I want nice things; I want a nice lifestyle. Money is power, we all know that. Of course I want power, like any other intelligent human being on this planet. One of the main reasons people work is to get money; if not to merely survive, to go beyond that and to thrive. Why should it be any different for me/providers?

I just find it funny that we (providers) are supposed to walk around pretending like the money isn't part of why we do this. Of course it is! Now, this doesn't mean I don't genuinely love and enjoy this work. It doesn't mean I do not genuinely enjoy the time I spend with people and getting to meet so many different and interesting human beings (this variety is actually another thing I love about providing.)  I love being able to connect with so many people on so many different levels. To me, that is what makes it even better. I get paid for doing something that I genuinely enjoy doing; what more could anyone ever ask for?! That's living the dream right there, that is. 

Also, if you couldn't already tell, I have a ridiculously high sex drive; this thing needs an outlet somehow, and providing also helps me to indulge my sexual appetites like real world encounters just never could. 

Many clients can attest to this about me, in that I never do something I do not genuinely want to do; no matter how much money is on the table. I have cut off clients that I didn't want to see anymore; accepted less than I thought I deserved for certain sessions, and I meet and correspond with my favorite clients on a regular basis; I do not get compensated for such actions/time spent. I do it, because I genuinely want to and because I enjoy it. However, that also doesn't mean that I don't deserve to be well compensated for the services I do provide and that there is anything wrong with me admitting that I enjoy being compensated for such. To me, it's a matter of pride; it makes me proud to say that I am able to make as much as I do by providing people with genuinely enjoyable experiences. That actually means something to me.

Furthermore, as a woman, another layer of this is never having to be dependent on anyone else (i.e. a man/partner.) This is so important as a woman; I don't think a lot of men stop to think about this, because they are, in fact, men. It might mean I can't afford the nicest things, but if everything I have is purely from what I have been able to earn and provide myself with, then that accomplishment is much greater to me than having more because of my spouse/partner. 

So, there you have it. Money is not the only reason I provide, but it is definitely one of the considerations behind it. 

Of course, there are many more reasons as well. If you are curious about such, feel free to book some time one day and perhaps we can discuss it in person.... ;-)


The Importance of Screening and Why It Takes Time to Secure a Session

I feel compelled, yet again, to extol virtuously, from my provider soap box. 

Every time I get a new review, I get an influx of messages and inquiries. I suspect this is the same for any well reputable and well-reviewed provider. These inquiries come at me from many different directions; board PMs; P411 PMs; text messages; emails; phone calls; even sometimes a Twiitter message or two. 

So, let's take into account that I get several, and I do mean several messages flying at me from all directions. On top of while I am trying to work and still accommodate my clients who have existing appointments. 

Many men seem to get very insistent/puhsy or think that they can secure a session within a matter of less than an hour. This is just not so, or at least it is not, for a provider like me. 


First off, I am what they call "low volume". I don't consider myself as such, but according to others, this is what I am. I will only book up to a certain number of sessions per week, and when I hit this cap, then I will no longer book other sessions for any given particular week. This is because I know what my limits are, in terms of energy, etc, and I want to ensure that each and every session I ever perform is top notch. This is only fair to my clients, and fair to myself, to operate in such a fashion. 

The second contributing factor to why it can take some time to secure a session, is because, believe it or not, I actually screen. I know that many ladies claim to, but in reality, I actually do. I cannot ever express enough the importance of screening. 

What gets me even more about this issue, is that I clearly state in my ads and profiles that I do not book last minute/same day, so to please plan ahead. Many people seem to think this is a lie or just don't even bother reading that far. It's funny too, because many of my reviews also state such. 

Every provider has a different method(s) for screening, but in general, I take the gent's first name, phone & email and provider references. After I receive this information, I actually do something with it; and this is the part, that takes time. First off, I run his info (name/handle, phone and email.) That takes time and a little bit of research. Secondly, I research his references to make sure they are legitimate providers. Thirdly, I then message those references with all of his info to get them to confirm. This is the part that arguably takes the longest, Because guess what? I cannot control how long they take to, or if they even do, respond to me. Most ladies are good about it, I would say 85 - 90% of the time; however many are not, and take up to a week or more to respond, or never even do.

Whilst some ladies are comfortable to see a gent with less references or even without running them in such a fashion, or perhaps using alternative methods for screening, I am not. This is just my bottom line and my comfort zone. Many gents seem to do just fine and understand this, however many do not. 

I then am the brunt of gents pushing me to see them; sending me several messages over and over again asking if they can just come anyways, can I just meet them in person, what else can they do to prove they are "ok", how about if they pay me extra and so on and so forth.....and all of this on top of the other 50 messages I still need to respond to as well as screening I am trying to complete for the people who have actually sent me the appropriate info....are you starting to understand things a little better now, from the provider's perspective?

Please understand that I am not complaining; I love my job or I would not do it. But it can be extremely overwhelming and upsetting when you are being barraged with a plethora of messages from people who just don't seem to get how important it is for the proper screening to take place. 

Gents, if a lady does not screen in such a fashion, do you really want to see her anyways? You should feel good about ladies like me, who actually take safety so seriously, and want to ensure a pleasant and safe encounter for both parties involved (myself and yourself.)


Can I Ever Have Non-Hobby Sex Again?

This is something that I have been thinking about over the past several weeks. 

I currently have two lovers. They are both gents I met through the hobby, and who used to be clients of mine. (Yes, I know, it's every hobbyist's fantasy of bridging the gap between client and fuck buddy. What I can tell you, gents, is this; if I am doing it, then so are other it's not such a far-fetched idea....)

Over the past couple of years (basically since the dissolution of my last serious relationship), I have had other lovers that I met through "real world" scenarios. I have always been completely upfront and honest with these people, in terms of my expectations and needs/wants in such an arrangement. I have told them that I wasn't interested in dating seriously; that all I was interested in was casual sex; that I was likely fucking other people and wouldn't necessarily tell them about it, but they should assume that was the case. I didn't tell them about my work, but I felt that as I said I was likely sleeping with other people, this pretty much covered all the bases. 

These guys have always said they were ok with such an arrangement, and for a period, it seemed like it was working out; for a period. Eventually, it seems that the inevitable always happens. They end up having an issue with it, and it doesn't end well. I feel like the man in so many ways, at times. One guy would get super jealous and play all kinds of head games. He was also fucking around with other people (including an ex-girlfriend of his), but would act crazy jealous if I would talk to other guys or go on dates. Needless to say, I eventually ended that relationship. 

Another, quite recently, has also decided to flip his shit on me, in a big way. We actually ended things a couple of months ago, when he told me he was no longer capable of engaging in casual sex with me anymore, knowing that I was still sleeping with other people. At that point, things were actually pretty copacetic and mature between us, and we were able to maintain a friendship, still spending a significant amount of time together. Recently, things have gone south with him, due to his behavior.

Anyways, my point is, I am noticing a pattern with these relationships. It always seems like the guy ends up having an issue with things, even though I am always 100% upfront and honest from the beginning. I thought this was supposed to be men's ultimate fantasy; a woman who wants an endless amount of sex with no drama and no strings attached? Ha.


So, as I started out with, I have two lovers at the moment, both of whom are hobby men, and so far, things seem to be working out well. It's made me start to wonder if the only way I can have non-drama sex is with hobby men. It makes sense, because one of the reasons men hobby is specifically to avoid drama. To be able to get in and out, getting what they want, with no emotional issues. Therefore they are not looking to cause drama either. 

They are also usually polyamorous in the sense of having sex with more than one person, if not multiple people, concurrently. Perhaps most real world men, whilst in theory thinking they would love such a lifestyle, in reality actually cannot handle it. 

A lot of them are also married, which only increases their need for no drama/no strings attached sex. 

And lastly, a huge advantage for me is that I can be honest with them about my work and not have to deal with the drama and/or judgement that most real world men would react with. Trust me, I have tried telling a few, choice rw gents in the past about my work, and it has never ended well. 

Maybe these men and the hobby are ruining me for life, ha. It's a conundrum, to be sure. I'm not sure where this leaves me for the future or any kind of future relationships I may want at some point. My bullshit tolerance level is at an all-time non-existent, in terms of being able to deal with gents who have emotional drama or emotional issues, and I strongly doubt that is going to change any time soon, if ever. However, as we all know, it is pretty much impossible to deal with rw relationships without some measure of emotional issues. I don't really think this is so much a hobby issue for me, as it is a life issue, but now that I am seeing that perhaps true, non-drama, unattached, simple and pleasurable sex can exist with people, will I ever be satisfied with anything less? I don't know. 

For now, I will just take solace in the fact that I have not only one, but two, sexy ass men who want to fuck me and not cause drama in my life. :-)