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Adventures in Provider Land #10 - That Time I Visited a Female Provider

Well then, yet another notch to add to my bedpost. 

A few months ago, back in August, I decided to go visit a male provider, which I wrote about here. Well, I decided it was high time to experience this the other way around; to visit a female provider. Let me just say, that all in all, it was a pleasurable experience and was quite exhilarating to experience "doing what a man does". Check out my review of the sesh:




Chloe's photos are dead on, however, I feel she is even prettier in person. She has a very pretty face, which was made up beautifully, a luscious body full of curves, and extremely perky mm's that are extremely aesthetically pleasing and even better to play with. Her tats give her that alternative edge which is very appealing to some (myself included.) She has red hair and creamy pale skin which are accurately depicted in her photos. Chloe is definitely a curvy woman; only suitable for those who enjoy such a Rubenesque goddess to worship for an hour or so. 

I’d been toying with the idea of visiting a female provider for a couple of months now. Back in August, I visited a male provider, which was fun, but being genuinely bi, I wanted to have this experience as well, with a woman. In my 8+ years of providing, I’ve done doubles many times, and even had a threesome this year with my rw lover and another provider, but I’ve never visited a lady one-on-one. Being a verified provider here on Eccie, I have a unique vantage point, in that I get to scope out all the other providers probably a bit more than the gents do, so I’d been eye-ing a few ladies from time-to-time. 
I’d corresponded with Chloe a few times over references, and she’d always been very friendly, helpful and prompt in her replies, which is what caught my eye in the first place. I also always enjoy her posts here on the board. 
After lusting after her photos for a couple of weeks, I finally decided she would be my choice. There was a post in co-ed recently, in which I commented a small flirt to her; I then followed this up with a pm making my intentions known to her. 
We set our session time for a couple of weeks in advance. Chloe has impeccable TCB skills. She is friendly, warm and inviting in her communication and also prompt and professional. She was also extremely accommodating to me, as I had to change our visit time a few times, but she was able to do this for me. 

She has a private in-call over on the west side, but she let me know she will soon be moving to a brand new space come the New Year, which is supposed to be lovely. It will still also be on the west side. 
I parked and walked up and she came out to greet me. I think we were likely both a bit nervous at first. Into her in-call and up to the bedroom. I poured us some wine to get things started off smoothly. We sat and relaxed and drank for a few minutes and “talked shop”. 
Chloe has this gorgeous kind of lilting voice that is difficult to describe, but I found enchanting. Her face was gorgeous and she had on a cute little dress which flattered her figure very nicely. I enjoyed checking out all her ink as well, as I have some of my own and find this type of aesthetic on women, very appealing. She was just as warm and inviting in person as she been in her messages. 
After a few minutes of chit chat, I leaned in and began kissing her. She reciprocated nicely. 
From there on out, things progressed as one could imagine between two women. Chloe is a delicate and skilled playmate with extremely pleasing attributes and skills in all areas. 
Once we’d had our fun, we spent a few more minutes relaxing together and talking more.

All in all, I had a great sesh with Miss Chloe and feel well pleased with my choice, and that anyone else deciding to visit her will feel the same.