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Adventures in Provider Land #12 - Double Trouble

This won't be a very long post, but I did have to make note of this experience. 


I recently met a very nice gent. We had a few sessions, and throughout the course of conversation, I learned that he has a twin brother. Naturally, the conversation turned towards how it would be if I were to see them both, etc etc. Well, the moment came and oppotunirty was knocking at my door, so I answered. 


I was definitely nervous, though I am not quite sure why. However, all was well, and it was definitely an experience worth remembering for some time to come. Victoria does twins, haha!

A Sex Week in the Life of Victoria

Ok guys, I apologize for not posting more lately and I promise I will keep trying to provide you all with interesting and funny insights into my life, because lord knows, there are many! I blame the Mister for keeping me busy and distracted all the time, lol.


And speaking of such; it seems there is a pretty big conception that all providers are sex-crazed/sex-driven women who can’t get enough and love to copulate like nobody’s business. Well, I am here to tell you, that in my case, this is entirely true…haha! I am also lucky, because I have actually managed to find a partner who can keep up with me and who enjoys sex just as much, if not more. We are actually in a constant debate/contest as to who wants more.



 Seriously though, I tell my clients all the time what kind of sex life I have, and most of the time, nobody can believe me. So, I decided to share with y’all, what a typical sex week is like for me.


Last week, I actually kept a sex journal from Sunday, April 30 – Saturday May 6. I included an orgasm count for each of us, as well as a list of general activities and time lengths of sex sessions. (Yay, science.) The funniest part is that I didn’t even keep the truest record towards the end of the week, so I am probably even off a bit on the orgasm counts.

I should also say, that this is also all with the same partner. Yes, this man is like the Energizer Bunny.  I hope y’all enjoy. 



Sunday, April 30

We had an opportunity for only a small/short session that lasted about 2 hours. We each came 10 times. Activities included multiple positions, vaginal penetration and oral on me.


Monday, May 1

Extreme quickie for about 5-10 minutes. I had 2 orgasms, he had 1. Activities included from behind whilst standing up.


Tuesday, May 2

We had another short session that lasted about an hour and a half. He came 7 times, I came at least 10 (I may have forgotten 1 or 2 in there.) Activities included, me dressed up like a kitty with a cat tail butt plug, exchanged oral, anal (on me) and vaginal penetration, multiple positions.


Wednesday, May 3

Sleepover night, with on again/off again sex over a span of at least 4 hours (maybe a bit longer).He came at least 6 times (maybe more), I had at least 10. Activities included me being tied up and then whipped and beaten in various ways for at least an hour; being pounded hard until I gushed, general rough sex, exchanged oral including oral on me for over half an hour, vaginal penetration and various positions.


Thursday, May 4

Started the morning off with sex  and couple of orgasms for him, maybe 1 for me. In the evening, another sleepover night with activities lasting over 3 or 4 hours. 6 for him that we know of and maybe 7 or 8 for me.  Activities included oral on him (this was a special bj, he said it was one of the best he’s ever had), me getting fucked by a real light sabre, anal (on me) and vaginal penetration, general rough sex, multiple positions.


Friday, May 5

Started the morning off with sex, he came once. In the evening, another overnight and he had around 5 and I had at least 8 that I counted. Activities included anal (on me) and vaginal penetration, oral on him, general rough sex (he almost legit killed me when he grabbed my hair and pulled so hard that my neck snapped multiple times. We were both so scared that it stopped us dead in our tracks in the middle of sex. Scary at the time, but we laughed about it the whole day afterwards),  multiple positions.


Saturday, May 6

Started the morning off with sex, we both came at least twice. Then, we spent the day out in nature and had 1 vaginal and 1 anal fuck while we were out there (quickies), with some assorted oral on him throughout. He came once during each of those fucks and I came twice during each (so, 4 times total.)

In the evening, we had a shorter sesh about a couple of hours long, all mostly including anal (on me) penetration and some oral on him, there might have been a little vaginal as well. This is where it gets murky for me. This was legit one of the most amazing sex of my entire life. I don’t know how many times I came, but I have to say it was at least 5 or 6, if not more. He came at least 3 times that I know of.


So, we had some form of sex every day last week (7 days in a row) with my count coming in at just around 70 (including masturbartion) for the week and his around 40-50.


There are also other assorted activities throughout the week, that deserve honorable mention. He usually makes me do things throughout each week when we are not together. I also, believe it or not, still masturbate, because apparently I am a horny little slut that just can’t get enough. I didn’t keep exact track of my masturbation last week, but I would say I did at least 3 times last week, if not 4, and I must have cum at least twice each time. Other solo activities included me flashing my tits in public, wearing a vibrator while I was out and about during various times in the week, attempting one public masturbation (sadly, I was unable to achieve during this one), anal training, dressing as cat and doing cat things (including wearing a cat butt plug),  and being panti-less in public at all times and snapping up skirt shots for him.


The funniest part, is that this actually seems like a slow week to me! Perhaps I will keep a journal again for this week as we just had some good romping yesterday as well.