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To Peg, or Not to Peg? Kinky Happenings on the Horizon

Hello dear people!

Just a quick note, letting everyone know about my new and expanded service offerings! I am SO excited about this, I can't even tell you. 


I have now added pegging to my deliciously sensual repetoire. I have a lovely, high quality leather harness, and lots of little instruments to delight and titillate you. For those gents requiring a bit more spice to tickle their pickle, you won't want to miss out on this. And, as a gesture of goodwill, I will be offering a special rate on this session for this week, and the following 2 weeks only. Don't miss your chance to experience the ultimate in sensual release. 

As ever, reference my sessions page for all up-to-date info on my current offerings. 

Next up, I am currently in discussion with a carpenter to have a milking table made for me! I should *hopefully* be procuring this within the next couple of weeks. Don't know what a milking table is? Check out this link here. I think this will definitely come in *handy* (pun-o-rific) during both kink and massage sessions. I can't wait to get it!


Lastly, I am now excited to start offering full on kink/bdsm sessions. I will be updating my site/showcase, etc soon with more info. These sessions will last one hour in length (for the time being; I may at a later date in time offer a 90 min and 2 hour sesh), and will carry a higher rate than my other sessions. Why, you ask? Bdsm/kink is a specialty and I will be employing my own, rw, several years of experience in these practices to provide you with the most fun, safe and exciting session. Each session will also obviosuly be tailored to each client, dependent on their preference of activity/kink, so much more time and planning will go into each session. If you are already familiar with my massage sessions, then you should be very familiar with my already high level of attention to detail and service that I take care to provider for each and every client. My kink sessions will no doubt follow suit, and I can promise you will not be disappointed. You will find me an inventive, mischievious Mistress who simply harbors a hedonistic desire to bring all of your most taboo desires to life. 

Saying all that, I AM looking for a few, choice gents to basically "guinea pig" for me, for my first few sessions. This is simply so that I may work on getting my routines down pat and ease into becoming the profressional Mistress that I am. As such, I will be offering these "training" sessions at a drastically reduced rate, for the first 5 clients that book this. I will start advertising this once I procure my milking table (hopefully within the next fortnight), and will run this until I secure the first 5 bookings. You are welcome to pre-book now. Gents, don't miss out! (I will update this blog. add a new post, and update my sessions page, once these 5 sessions have been taken.)


I hope to see some of your perverted little sluts under my heels very soon!



30 Days of Sex

Finally! I know several of you have been waiting for this. It took me a couple of weeks to get it altogether. I blame the sex haze and recovery period, lols. 


So, without further ado, my 30 days of sex journal. 



Sunday, April 30

We had an opportunity for only a small/short session that lasted about 2 hours. We each came 10 times. Activities included multiple positions, vaginal penetration and oral on me.


Monday, May 1

Extreme quickie for about 5-10 minutes. I had 2 orgasms, he had 1. Activities included from behind whilst standing up.


Tuesday, May 2

We had another short session that lasted about an hour and a half. He came 7 times, I came at least 10 (I may have forgotten 1 or 2 in there.) Activities included, me dressed up like a kitty with a cat tail butt plug, exchanged oral, anal (on me) and vaginal penetration, multiple positions.


Wednesday, May 3

Sleepover night, with on again/off again sex over a span of at least 4 hours (maybe a bit longer).He came at least 6 times (maybe more), I had at least 10. Activities included me being tied up and then whipped and beaten in various ways for at least an hour; being pounded hard until I gushed, general rough sex, exchanged oral including oral on me for over half an hour, vaginal penetration and various positions.


Thursday, May 4

Started the morning off with sex  and couple of orgasms for him, maybe 1 for me. In the evening, another sleepover night with activities lasting over 3 or 4 hours. 6 for him that we know of and maybe 7 or 8 for me.  Activities included oral on him (this was a special bj, he said it was one of the best he’s ever had), me getting fucked by a real light sabre, anal (on me) and vaginal penetration, general rough sex, multiple positions.


Friday, May 5

Started the morning off with sex, he came once. In the evening, another overnight and he had around 5 and I had at least 8 that I counted. Activities included anal (on me) and vaginal penetration, oral on him, general rough sex (he almost legit killed me when he grabbed my hair and pulled so hard that my neck snapped multiple times. We were both so scared that it stopped us dead in our tracks in the middle of sex. Scary at the time, but we laughed about it the whole day afterwards),  multiple positions.


Saturday, May 6

Started the morning off with sex, we both came at least twice. Then, we spent the day out in nature and had 1 vaginal and 1 anal fuck while we were out there (quickies), with some assorted oral on him throughout. He came once during each of those fucks and I came twice during each (so, 4 times total.)

In the evening, we had a shorter sesh about a couple of hours long, all mostly including anal (on me) penetration and some oral on him, there might have been a little vaginal as well. This is where it gets murky for me. This was legit one of the most amazing sex of my entire life. I don’t know how many times I came, but I have to say it was at least 5 or 6, if not more. He came at least 3 times that I know of.


Weekly Total

Mr: 45

Me: 70



Sunday May 7

We had a sleep over from Saturday, so started the morning off with sex, and then spent the better part of the day in some form of coitus. Time averaged about 7 hours.

Activities included multiple positions, anal on me and mutual oral.  He came 10 times and I had around 12.


Monday May 8

We only had time for a quickie this day, for about half an hour.  He came 4 times and I came 7. Him on top and from behind.

Tuesday May 9

A little bit longer sesh this day, ranging about 2 ½ hours. We had very rough and dommy sex. Kitty play, beatings for me, oral on him and anal on me. I also squirted a lot this day. 5 orgasms for him, 14 for me.


Wednesday May 10

We had a sleep over this evening and our play ranged for about 4 hours. Activities included lots of kink stuff; me getting tied up, kitty play, anal on me, beatings, self-flaggelation, me gushing, oral on him, multiple positions.  He had 3 and I had 10.


Thursday May 11

We had 2 quickies this day, one in the morning and one in the evening. He had a total of 6 orgasms this day, I had 3.


Friday May 12

A simple morning quickie this day. We each had 1.


Saturday May 13

We met in the evening before attending a party together and had a 1 hour sesh. He had 5 this time and I had 8.


Weekly Total

Mr: 35

Me: 50




Saturday Night/Sunday May 14

We came back from the party, but it was past midnight, so we will call this Sunday. We ended up pulling an all-nighter and stayed up until about 10am the next morning. We had a long on/off session including anal on me, mutual oral, lots of rough and dommy sexy and multiple positions.

He had around 20 during this and I had an even 30.


Monday May 15

We had a sleep over on Sunday night and so started the morning with a quickie. We each had 2.


Tuesday May 16

A shorter sesh for about 1 ½ hours. He was rough/dommy with me, had anal, used some toys on me including a cock gag. He had 5 this day and I had about 15.


Wednesday May 17

We had a sleep over this evening. Activities included lots of kink play, including me being tied and beaten, anal on me. I squirted several times. He had 10 this evening and I had around 18.


Thursday May 18

We had 2 quickies this day, in the morning and evening. Activities included multiple positions, and we attended a rope class where I got tied up for a bit. We each 4 total over this day.


Friday May 19

The beginning of a weekend full of sex. We started the morning with a quickie. In the evening, we had about 2 hours of sex, including massage on him, rough stuff, anal on me, oral on him and multiple positions. By the end of the night, he had about 10 total for the day and I had about 13-15.



Saturday May 20

A full day of sex. Activities included multiple positions, anal on me, mutual oral, rough stuff including me getting tied and beaten. He had somewhere around 15 orgasms this day. I had over 20.


Weekly Total

Mr: 80

Me: 122



Sunday May 21

Started the day with sex and went until about 1p. After a few hours of break, another 2 hour evening session. Activities included massage on me, multiple positions, mutual oral, anal on me.

He had somewhere around 10-15 orgasms. I had around 25.

(Our totals for this weekend of sex alone was 35 for him, 53 for me.)


Monday May 22

We had time only for a quickie this day, about 30 minutes. He had 2, I had 4.


Tuesday May 23

A 2 or so hour sesh. Activities included him being dommy with me and just general rough stuff, cumming on my face, oral on him, anal on me, dp on me (with a toy and his cock), me gushing,  multiple positions. He came around 7 times, I came at least 10.


Wednesday May 24

Evening quickie. He came 3 times. Activities included mutual oral and multiple positions.


Thursday May 25

Started the morning off with sex. A few quickie rounds. He came 3 times. I came twice.


Friday May 26

An afternoon quickie and a sleep over. I had 8 or 9, he had 3. Activities included oral on him, multiple  positions.


Saturday May 27

A morning quickie. He had 2, I had 3.


Sunday May 28

A couple of hours in the morning, and a couple of hours in the evening.  Activities included mutual oral, anal on me, multiple positions, rough sex. He had 10 total for the day, I had around 12.


Monday May 29

Day 30!!! We had a couple of hours. Activities included anal on me, oral on him, multiple positions. He had around 5, I had around 8.



Weekly Total

Mr: 47

Me: 72


30 Day Totals

These totals are rough estimates. It is entirely possible that we both had more, because we both also still masturbated during the 30 days.

Mr: 207

Me: 314


I’ve been asked if I feel different, or if we somehow feel closer in our relationship. The truth is that we usually average between having sex 5-6 days a week anyways, so doing the 30 days didn’t feel too much more of an effort. The hardest parts were basically just finding time every day (we don’t live together, so this makes it more difficult), and during week 3 I believe, we had a bit of a tiff. I was irritated and did not want to have sex in that particular moment, but we had to, for the challenge. In the end I was actually glad of this, because it made me deal with and get over the issue very quickly, versus being shitty and resentful about it for a couple of days. So, I guess in that way, it did help us.


All in all, it was a lot of fun, albeit exhausting at times, but I totally don’t regret it and would certainly take it on again.