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A Word on LGBTQ

Unfortunately, I feel compelled to write a quick note on this. I say unfortunately, because it truly does sadden me to come into contact with this sort of thing. 


Recently, I have begun offering pegging sessions. For those unfamiliar with this practice, just do a quick Google and you will find all you need to understand it. Pegging is a fun and exciting practice, and many, many straight men enjoy it. The reason you don't hear this being discussed openly by these men, is because there is still a very strong stigma surrounding this practice as being "gay". First of all, even if it was gay, why is that a problem? Secondly, there is literally, absolutely nothing *gay* about a woman performing a sex act on a man. Like, literally, that is against the very definition of gay. (Go look it up if you are still confused, as some of you seem to be.)


So, these men who enjoy it are left with 2 options: either deny this side of their sexuality and never get to experience it, or what many end up doing, is paying a woman like me to do it for them, because they know that I will neither judge them, nor will they have to face the "embarassment" of having to come out to their partners about liking and wanting this. I find it a bit sad to be honest, which is actually one reason why I enjoy providing this service so much. It makes me happy if I am able to help people experience a whole 'nother side of their sexuality. 


Anyhow, on to my main point. Since I have begun offering this service openly, I have also begun receiving a few anti-gay comments from some men. First of all, whatever happened to "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all"? And secondly, not only am I LGBTQ friendly, I AM LGBTQ, because I am bi. Most men hear that and just think 'Wow, how sexy, she likes to eat pussy'. Well, yes, I do enjoy that very much, but they are missing the point. LGBTQ is a part of who I am. I have many LGBTQ friends, and LGBTQ rights and equal treatment is something that is very important to me, and close to my heart. Therefore, I am making this statement here. Any kinds of anti-gay comments I receive, through any channel are not only unwelcome, but will not be tolerated on any level. If you follow me on Twiiter, you will be blocked. If you direct these towards me through any other channel, I will take appropriate action to block you, etc and will not see you for a session. 

This is where I stand and I am proud to make this stand. 

What Goes Around Comes Around

Hi All, 

It's high time for a post with some substance. Today, somebody posed a query on el boardarino, and it got me to thinking about some things. Last summer, I wrote about gaining fulfillment from the hobby, for both parties. (Blog here.) This further segues into something I've actually never even thought about, for some reason. 


I hear a lot of gents complain that their hobby experiences are never as good as they want them to be, or always fall a bit short, or that they just come away a bit disenchanted. Now that I have hobbied myself (as the client, 4 different times. I wrote about 2 of the experiences here and here.), I do understand this somewhat and understand how such an experience can be not quite as good as one was hoping for. 

However, what I finally realized today, was that at least some, if not a lot, of any particular session's success, relies largely on the energy and intention that the client brings with them, and not the other way around.

If you go into a session believing that you will somehow have a magical experience with a provider who is going to worship you like a god and make all your fantasies come true and all you have to do is simply lay there, then you are sadly, sorely mistaken, my friends. 

Here's a little tip: women like to feel appreciated. Yup, even us whores. Because, guess what? We're still women. You don't have to go all out, treat us like your girlfriends or even do that much. It is simply a mindset of genuinely wanting to engage with this person you're about to have intercourse with, and making her feel good, making her feel desired and like she actually matters as a person, versus a meer sex factory to be used and then discarded. You'd be surprised at how well women will respond to feeling such a thing from you. Sure, you are the one paying for it, but does that mean that should relieve you of any responsibility to your partner and her pleasure? A session really is an intimate exchange of energy between 2 people, and if you go in, bringing that care, concern and energy with you, you will likely find that it is reciprocated and that you have a grand 'ole time. 

I have many clients whom I love sessioning with. It is because we engage on different levels and actually have some kind of connection. As pondered in the previous blog, yes, these encounters are in fact transitory and transactional in their dynamics, but does that have to make them any less meaningful? I don't think it has to, and I don't think it should.