Victoria of Houston


  Houston Based Gothic FBSM Provider

To Kink, or Not to Kink?

Pervs! It's time. 


Time for what you have all been waiting for. I am excited to announce that I will NOW be offering a kink session in addition to my regularly scheduled program.

This session is called the Paradiso session; aka the "Intro to BDSM" session. 


I get so many clients telling me the same things; they've never tried any kink, but have always been curious to. Well, now's your chance! I've specially designed this session to give you a little teaser taste of what BDSM has to offer. 


It will last one hour in length. Oh, and in case you weren't sure. I will be the Domina during this session, and you will be my little bitch boy. :-)


A further note on this, as I am already receiving many questions: (As of 8/21/2017)


1. This session will entail a mixture of activities. I have basically designed it to give you a little "taste" of the basic kinds of activties that people engage in during bdsm play. This means things like s&m, bondage, degradation and humiliation, servitude, etc etc. Safe words will be strictly in play at all times, I will always play within your limits, and I will never leave marks. However, YES, it WILL hurt some and be uncomfortable. This is part of true bdsm. You may decide afterwards that cetain things weren't to your liking, whereas others were. This is the point of this session. To introduce you to some new things, so you can experience them and see what you liked and what you didn't. 

2. I regret that I am unable to offer a more tailored session or to cater to specific scenarios, or to do any very heavy kink play. The intent of this session is to help you experience kink play in a safe, controlled and fun environment. I am not offering full Mistress services at this time, and am unsure if I ever will. Your understanding is appreciated. 


As of this writing (8/19/2017), I am offering a special on this session. The first FIVE clients to book will get a special rate of $200/hour. After that, the rate will be $300/hour. Why, you ask? First of all, shut up. The rate is what I say it is because I say it. Secondly, I have taken a lot of time, consideration and care in specially crafting this session for you. I also have over 13 years experience playing kinkily in my personal life, so know how to perform all activities in a safe, sane, and consensual fashion. Trust me; the last thing you want is a Mistress who is not adept and has no idea what she is doing. 

I have had FOUR clients book this already, so there is ONE spot left. I will update this as things change. (Last updated 9/10/2107)


Don't be shy, book your spot today!


I look forward to having many of you under my heel very soon. 

-Mistress V