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Servicings Update

Hey Folks, 


Just a very quick and short update to let you know about a few changes to my service offerings. 


I am no longer publicly advertising the Paradiso Session. My reasons for this are many. The first and foremost, is that there just doesn't seem to be very much demand for it. Secondly, I felt that it began to muddy the waters of what I have traditionally and primarliy offerfed in my service. I do love kink, and it is a big part of my personal life/sexual relationships outside of the hobby, however, I feel as a provider, it is important to "build your brand" so to speak, and find your little niche; the thing you specialize in and that sets you apart from the herd.

I feel that I would need to go either way; either give up massage for good and become a full on Mistress/BDSM provider OR stick with massage and a little but of bum play, as I have been doing, but not both. Another issue I have run into, is that I have been getting messages from the less desirable types of clients. I don't know if this is just typical of kink in general, and all kink providers face this, or maybe I am lucky and it is just me; either way,  they are the kinds of messages that I really do not wish to receive, waste my time, and only serve to frustrate me. 

However, fret not. Though I am no longer publicly advertising this service, I WILL still provide it for those who ask. If we've had a kink session in the past, or you just happen to read this blog or see my review on a kink sesh, please do not be shy nor hesistate to speak up and send me a message requesting such. We can discuss the details at that time, and what you desire. I can tell you now, that any kink sessions from here forwards will start at around $300 for the hour. 


Moving forwards from this, I am now offering a new happy hour special. It's pretty self explanatory. Book me anytime 4pm - 6pm, Monday -Friday, and receive $20 off any session type. :-)



And that's about it for now, folks. I am planning on some more blogs of a personal and sexy nature soon, I promise! So, stay tuned. 


Post Harvey Update

Man, has it been a CRAZY two weeks. And I am sure I am not alone in this. 


Firstly, I dearly hope you are all well, ok, and safe, and that nothing too tragic befell you during the storm; however, if it is did, my heart surely goes out to you, as I too, have gone through a few things due to this storm. 


I will say, that blessedly, I myself, my property, belongings, and pets, are all ok! My in-call is in tip top shape and all is well on that front. 


However, sadly, my Mister is not so lucky. His homes were destroyed by the flood, and I was there with him, when the waters came in. Both our vehicles narrowly escaped becoming totally claimed by the flood waters as well, and we were able to drive them to safety in the knick of time. To say the least, it was a crazy and jarring experience. 

We have since spent the past fortnight, cleaning up his homes, demo'ing, and getting them ready for the adjusters and contractors. After all that hard work, we had to move him to a temporary place while he waits for his life to be rebuiilt. I have been there with him every step of the way, so I feel it is fair to say, I have been through this as well. 


It has been exhausting, stressful, challenging, scary, and just oh so many things. Still though, we persevered and the brunt of the work is behind us. *HUGE SIGH*


Secondly, related to this, is that I am contemplating an in-call move at the start of next year. Details of this can be found in my recent board post, if you would like to hear about it, follow the discussion and add your own input. Feel free to email me this as well, if you do not want to post on the board. 

As said, my own place, all belongings and property are safe, of which I am extremely grateful and thankful. *ANOTHERE HUGE SIGH* I returned to providing sessions last week, and am continuing full steam ahead as of tomorrow as well. If you are feeling stressed and in need some genuine tlc, come on over, and let me help ease your troubles. I hope to see some of you on my table very soon!