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Happy New Year’s greetings to you all!


Yes, it has been a while since my last post, so it is high time for some updates.


Lots of things have been going on in my life over the last several months, and not all of it good. I briefly touched on that in this blog post.

Basically, post-Harvey proved to be a very rough time for me emotionally and physically and it just really hampered my mood and my energy and my ability to do much else but get by every day. Consequently, the life things I have been going through aren't things I am entirely comfortable with opening up about via my provider self/blog. Suffice it to say, I have been challenged in ways I have yet as an adult. But in the end, things have actually turned out for the better as I feel it is only serving to help me continue to grow into the adult, and person, I am truly meant to be. I am eternally grateful for my life, and the people in it, and am actually in a better place than I really ever have been as an adult (emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.)

Aside from that, I had been meditating on making a change in direction in my life for some time now. It is always scary to do so, especially when the outcome is in no way sure. But, I’ve finally come to an age in life where I am realizing that you just have to act, just have to do, and worry about all the pieces falling into place later.

As such, I can now announce that I have firmly decided to return to school and pursue a masters degree. This was not an easy decision to make, as it means many things have to shift in my life in order to accommodate this, and I will have to work very hard and be very busy, but I really think at this point, it will be the best move for me.  This means I will be graduating in or around summer of 2019, holy crap! The aim is to obviously move onto a full-time career once I have completed this, which means I will be retiring from VoH for good at that point.


But for the moment, as far as providing, I AM still around and will continue to be so. I am assuming I will continue to provide at the very least until I finish the degree, which means another year and a half of Victoria. ;-) I need y’all to help support this post-grad girl during my studies, lols.

Not sure if that will change of course, but that is basically what I am guessing will happen for the time being. If anything changes, of course, I will update.

However, it does mean my availability will be on a much more part-time basis. This means, and I can’t stress this enough, that planning ahead is essential when booking me. I think a minimum days’ notice should be fine, and I should be able to accommodate, but also, more advanced notice is always appreciated of course! Thank you.


Moving on from this exciting change, just some other basic updates.

First off, I recently celebrated a birthday! (December 29.) I am now 32 years old, holy crap! Lols. I've also started working out, pretty hard core, just recently. It is hard and very challenging most days, but I am feeling super motivated to reach my helath and fitness goals this year! (just be advised this may mean you have to hear me whine about how sore I am during sesh, lols.)

Secondly, I have been wanting a revamp to my website, but I am not sure when or if that can happen for the moment. However, I AM getting new pics finally, this Friday (tomorrow)! So, those will be going up, I would assume by sometime next week. I am excited for my photoshoot and for the new content. J

Thirdly, I really think it isn’t fair to y’all that I haven’t posted anything fun or sexy in a while, so I shall reward your patience, lols.

I recently had what I called, “the greatest single moment of my professional whore career” this week, lols. I ended up being contacted by a lady for a one-on-one sesh. Now, I have been with many women in my life, had a couple of girlfriends, and done threesomes as well as a foursome. I have also even been compensated to be the third in a work sesh, which is always an amazing experience.

But never, in almost 10 years, have I been contacted by a single lady, on her own, wanting a one-on-one sesh. To say the least, I was nervous and giddy as all get out, waiting for her to arrive.

I would love to post full details, but was asked by her not to. And as discretion and privacy are extremely important to me and things I take very seriously, I will happily abide by her wishes. Just suffice it to say, it was an amazing sesh, and not an experience I will be forgetting any time soon.


Next up, we did a threesome for NYE! My birthday is 2 days before, so it was a kind of 2 in 1 deal birthday/Nye gift to both of us. It was with another lady, and whilst we are no stranger to group play, it was still a fun way to start of the festivities for the evening. Sometimes I do really feel that I am living a charmed life.

The next day (NY day) hungover and exhausted from all our partying, we had a couple’s massage, which was sublime, but ended up doing a little quickie once it was over, right in the massage room. (Not in front of the therapists of course, lols.) Still, what a fun and naughty way to ring in the New Year. It was great fun all around. (I also got a drunken pic of me naked and freezing out on our hotel balcony, so enjoy, hahaha.)


All in all, I feel like I had a really lovely start to my birthday and the New Year, which was much needed after the last few months. It’s rejuvenated me and given me fresh energy for the year ahead, as well as my future, and the new path I am headed down.


I have no way of knowing exactly what lies waiting for me, but I feel confident, happy and optimistic about it all.


Hope you are all having lovely starts to your new year as well, and looking forward to all the hobby fun that is coming my way, 2018!



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