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Hello everyone!


Let me first say, that this has come just as unexpectedly for me, as it may seem to you. It is true, that I have been looking to change up some things in my life, and move providing to the back burner for some time now; however, I did not expect the change to come this quickly. But hey! That's life, right? It's been high time for me to take a new direction in life, for a while now, and start on the next chapter. Things are still slightly uncertain in this for me, but I am trying my best to embrace it with the enthusiasm it deserves and jump in feet first.


As such, starting tomorrow, October 9, 2017, my new availability is as follows:

Monday -Friday: Evenings Only from 5pm onwards

Saturdays/Sundays: I *may* be availble on weekends from time-to-time. Most likely 1 or 2 Saturdays a month at most. I will never know exactly what weekends until the week of usually, so you can always contact me ahead of time to find out if you are interested in booking a weekend. 

There may also be other special times that I can be available during the week. I will always try to update and advertise, as and when that happens. 

This new availability means I will NO LONGER be available at a moment's notice, nor to respond to messages as quickly. That means you MUST plan ahead if you want to book me. I iwll endeavor to respond to messages at minimu once a day. I will likely become very low volume (which was the plan anyways) and take only a couple of sessions a  week. Please, please, please plan ahead as contacting me at least one day prior will greatly increase your chances at securing the session you want. 


Some other changes I will now implenting, is getting rid of the famed Happy Hour special. As I will now only largely be available during the evenings, this just doesn't make sense anymore. And secondly, my phone number will no longer be publicly listed. If you are a previous client and have it saved, please feel free to use it! All new clients MUST contact me via pm on either site or via my contact form here or via email. Once screened I will then provide my phone number and you are welcome to save and use it for any time in the future. 


I am a little sad/anxious to make such a big change in such a short amount of time, but I will still be around the hobby and Victoria of Houston isn't going anywhere, any time soon!


I will also be updating this blog more, detailing out this changing time in my life, amongst many more fun and sexy things. :-)


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