Victoria of Houston


  Houston Based Gothic FBSM Provider

There is no definitive answer; sensual massage can mean many things to many people. Therefore I think the more appropriate question is, what is sensual massage to you?

To me it means just that – a sensually oriented, genuine massage. Those familiar with or who regularly receive therapeutic massage will be very familiar with massage etiquette; sheet covering at all times, certain body areas are never touched, etc.

I feel that sensual massage is a wonderful remedy for those seeking just that little bit more during their massage, to truly unwind and get in touch with their own sexuality. Laying there passively, whilst a skilled masseuse rubs and massages every inch of your body can be a highly enjoyable and erotic experience. I find the build up a far more exciting experience than the oh so obvious, getting straight to it, tactics.

I use all parts of my arms and body throughout the massage as well as wearing a “suit” that is certainly more sexy than traditional massage scrubs!

I am genuinely trained in massage and so seek to provide a medium level, therapeutic style, full-body massage, whilst not being constrained by traditional etiquette.

I seek to offer a genuine chance to escape the stresses of daily life, whilst relieving tension and providing just enough personal attention to leave a smile on your face.

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